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Troubleshooting Table

When I plug in my table it clicks and the ball doesn't move.

Occasionally in shipping or when moving the table loses it's position. In most cases you can allow the table to click for up to 2 minutes and it will correct itself. If it does not please contact us here.

After I poured sand in my table and started it the ball starts and stops.

This is usually caused by deep spots in the sand. You may choose to let it keep running and it will slowly push over deep spots. This can take 24 or more hours. Alternately you can remove the glass top and smooth the sand with a business card.

My table is loud. What can I do?

The number one reason for increased sound from your table, is setting the play speed to the higher end. Try turning down the speed slider on your app or web page interface. If you hear a steady crunching or rubbing sound this is the ball rolling through the sand. You can minimize it by slowing down your sisyphus. If you hear clicking or other concerning sounds please unplug your table and email us at

When the lights are dim they flicker. What can I do?

In some situations the auto dim function has difficulty setting the light level. You can turn off auto-dimming in advanced settings found in the settings tab of the web app or mobile app. We are continually developing our software to fine tune the auto-dim function so make sure to update your software often in the settings tab on your app.

Troubleshooting App

I've already connected my table to wifi but when I open the app it doesn't find my table.

Some situations cause your phone to forget your tables name. Also when using a new device to control your table you'll need to manually enter your tables host name. To do this select 'Enter IP Address?' on the 'Connect to Sisyphus' screen. Type the name given to your table including '.local'. e.g. 'sisyphus22-103.local'

Where do I get the smartphone app?

iOS app store

Google play

My app won't connect to the table and I don't see the Sisyphus hot spot.

This is most commonly seen after deleting/reinstalling the app or using a new device. Currently the app looks for known tables, so if you're using a new device or deleted and reinstalled the app you'll need to manually type the tables name the first time you connect to it. -Make sure your device (phone) is on your home wifi network -Open the Sisyphus app -Select 'Enter IP Address here?' -Type the name of your table and add '.local' to the end -It should be something like 'sisyphus22-103.local' -You should now be connected to the table and next time you open the app it will remember your table

Usage Details 

I don't have a smartphone. How do I control my table?

You can control your table from any computer or mobile device that has wifi. Watch our video on connecting to your table with a browser for this process.

How do I turn my table off?

There is no power switch on the tables. They are made to run continuously and use very little energy. You can dim or turn off the lights from the app as well as pause the current track. As we continue developing our software the app will have a timer you can set to pause your table and dim or turn off its lighting, and then "wake up" at times of your choosing. If you are uncomfortable leaving your table running when you are not at home (e.g. on vacation), you can always unplug it.

How much energy does my table use in a day?

If you have a metal table (stepper motors), energy use is less than 100 watts. If you have a wood table (servo motors), energy use is less than 200 watts. Most of the energy used is for the LED lighting and the above numbers are for 100% brightness. When dimmed, the energy use will be far less.

How deep should the sand be?

Sand depth is a personal choice - less allows finer dune details, but also less shadow contrast between dunes. In general, a range of between 1/3 the diameter of the ball to 1/2 the diameter is a good place to start.

There is a large amount of sand built up around the outer edge. Is this ok?

This is not a problem. However, over time and depending on the patterns played you may find the sand becomes thinner than ideal in the center. If this happens you can remove the glass top and lightly spread sand towards the middle.

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