The Triad

So far, although we are working with a large (and growing) number of people, there are just three of us at the core of Sisyphus Industries: Bev, Micah, and myself. On the advice of our lawyers, (never thought I'd even think that phrase): we each need to have official titles. Micah is COO, Bev, CFO, and I, CEO. (Yeah, I know, big whoop. But still, it looks great on legal stuff.) Bev and I, being married for over 33 years and joined in both spirit and financial decisions, have more say than Micah in how our company will use its KS funding. Though I am the CEO, (and the artist, dammit) turns out she and I have equal sway. Micah has less financial say, but this turns out not to matter much. We discuss all decisions involving significant allotment of resources (time and money), and public perception (web presence and communication) between the three of us. Most of the time there is no discord, but if there is disagreement, any two votes outweigh the other. This works amazingly well (except when I'm in the minority ;).

When I mentioned I was thinking of blogging, Bev (a.k.a. “the voice of reason”) expressed some “misgivings”. I promised to let her read and veto any/everything I write before posting. After she read through the draft of my first post, her response was rapid and succinct: “Nope.”

She thought it overly  - “negative” and “whiny”- I think were the adjectives she used. She thinks sharing too many of my anxieties will undermine our backers' confidence. I'd agree, if that were the case. But I don't think I'm overdoing that part. We can portray ourselves as completely in control and certain to succeed, but Micah and I know that can't be completely true - not when you are making something for the first time. And by “making”, I don't mean  Sisyphus tables - I mean a company of several people working effectively to build, pack, and ship over a thousand robotic art tables per year. I am both artist and scientist. I have been using technology to help me make my art for over 25 years. Having successfully completed several large-scale public art projects in the past, many of which I was doing for the first time, dealing with uncertainty is not new to me. My track record is solid. I just want people who are interested in the process to understand: this ain't a slam dunk.

So I texted Micah and asked him to review the draft. He texted back: “It looks great!” “Do you want me to setup a link to the blog?”

I relayed that to Bev. She said we'll talk about it tomorrow....

(If you're reading this, Micah and I were able to convince her, and the Triad has worked again!)

(written Jan. 1, 2017)

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