The Triad, with Proviso

In my prior description of “the Triad”, I failed to mention that Bev and I each hold a secret card which we can play when/if we feel strongly counter to one another's choice – we ask our kids! Ben is 32, Casey just turned 30. Ben weighed in on my blog drafts first:

For the blog post: Mom is right, you need to edit it. First, it sounds like you are really overwhelmed and negative when that is not at all true. I know you don't want to over-promise, but you're taking that way too far. You also failed to mention all of the good things like upgrading the tables to solid steel and injection molding the parts so there is less assembly (and less to go wrong). Second, it's really stream-of-conscious and includes lots of extraneous details. You don't want to sound like a teenager ranting on Tumblr. Third, you don't want to post too often, so these are probably just one blog post.

Two days later, Casey:

So... I like it!  It's hard (impossible) to read it from an objective perspective since you're my dad and I couldn't not read it with your voice in mind. But still, I think the reason I'm down with what I read is that it's honest. I think you should open with an explanation of what the blog is and what you're going for, rather than putting that later on. But it was clear to me after reading those two posts that this is not at all your Kickstarter updates, nor updates really at all about the tables (though clearly there will be references). This is about your journey as an (emotional) artist starting a business with his wife and buddy/colleague, after raising almost $2 million off a crowd-funding website.  Do I think the blog is necessary? No. You could just journal this. Do I think some people will enjoy it? Absolutely. Do I think some people will not understand at all? Absolutely. Does that matter? I don't think so. Haters gonna hate, you do you, etc.  As for the writing, it's definitely all over the place and stream-of-consciousness-y, but such is your writing style, and if people don't like it, they won't read it. I found it readable and like a window into your (mildly crazy) mind, so I enjoyed it.

That makes it three to two :)  And now that I've followed Casey's suggestion to clarify the focus of this blog, Bev's on board.

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