s i s y p h u s


We are extremely grateful for the support and trust our Kickstarter backers have given us. We’re feverishly finishing development and preparing to manufacture Sisyphus tables. When we know the final retail pricing we will begin offering preorders. Please join our mailing list for updates and check back soon for our upcoming blog. For more details on the tables please visit our Kickstarter page.


Sisyphus - The Kinetic Art Table, our Kickstarter campaign, ran for 30 days in September and October, 2016. Since then Bruce has been writing (approximately) monthly updates to let our backers know what we are doing.

Bruce's Kickstarter updates

We will take pre-orders for Sisyphus tables soon, to be produced and shipped as soon as our Kickstarter orders are fulfilled. We are aiming for a mid 2018 date for these pre-orders.